O Training & Travel in Israel Itineraries

Orienteering in Israel – it’s probably not what you expected. It’s a whole lot more!

For the benefit of groups of orienteering visitors to Israel, training controls can be set out for independent training.

Contact Israel Orienteering to coordinate your plans and obtain maps. Send an email to: Israel O Touring/Training.

Southern Israel / Jerusalem

Training Controls: Ruhama Badlands, Sataf Forest, Britannia Park (Serigim Forest).  Wohl Rose Park – Jerusalem (sprint).

Additional Training Areas:  Tel Azeka, Beit Jamal, Haruvit Forest, Angels (Melachim) Forest.

Leisure Activities: Visit Christian, Jewish and Moslem holy sites in Jerusalem. Mud baths and bathing at the Dead Sea – the lowest place in the world. Camel rides and Bedouin hospitality in the desert.

Central Israel / Tel Aviv

Training Controls: Ben Shemen Forest, Tel Hadid Forest, Karmei Yosef Forest. Old Jaffa (sprint).

Additional Training Areas: Ayalon-Canada Park Forest, Shoham Park Forest

Leisure Activities: Wine, dine and dance in Tel Aviv – the city that never sleeps. Swimming and sunning on a Mediterranean beach.

Central Israel / Haifa-Jezreel Valley

Training Controls: Ramat Hanadiv, Heftsiba Hadera, Zippori Forest. Shimshit (sprint).

Additional Training Areas: Alon Hagalil Forest. 

Leisure Activities: Bahai Gardens in Haifa. Caesaria National Park.  

Andris Jubelis of Estonia at 2013 Israel Orienteering Championships
Andris Jubelis of Latvia in Israel

Northern Israel / Nazareth-Galilee

Training Controls: Menahemia, Honi haM’agel Forest, Tal-El Forest. Safed (sprint).

Additional Training Areas: Amuka Forest, Akbara, Ein Zeitim, Lavie Forest. 

Leisure Activities: Swimming in the Sea of Galilee. Rafting on the Jordan River.  Hiking the Jesus Trail.