Israel Orienteering League

The Israel Orienteering League is the IOA’s main competition framework. The league is a series of competitions, and includes two 2-day competitions, including the Israel Open Championships. Some 400-450 competitors take part in league competitions.

Israel Orienteering League Schedule for 2020-21

NOTEDue to the COVID-19 pandemic,  all league competitions have been rescheduled for dates in 2021. These new dates may again change, due to a situation and regulations beyond our control.

Note that information in English is limited. It is recommended that you access competition info in Hebrew, and use a translation tool. To inquire and/or register, send an email to: IOA Info/Registration. You can also connect with the Israeli orienteering community by posting a message to the IOA Facebook page.

Date Location (Info ENG) (Info HEB) Event
02.01.2021 Ha-Meginim Forest (Carmei – Yossef) יער המגינים Forest
23.01.2021 Tzuriel  צוריאל Forest
13.02.2021 Beit-Keshet בית קשת Forest
06.03.2021 Plugot Forest  יער פלוגות Forest,
19.03.2021 Megido  מגידו Forest. Israel Open Day 1
20.03.2021 Alon Hagalil  אלון הגליל Forest. Israel Open Day 2
10.04.2021 Yad Mordechai Forest  יער יד מרדכי Forest
24.04.2021 Maagarei-Menashe (South)   מאגרי מנשה דרום Dunes
08.05.2021  Wadi Hatzerim  נחל חצרים Forest
21.05.2021 Mount Scopus Jerusalem   הר הצופים – ירושלים Sprint
22.05.2021 Shaar Haamakim שער העמקים  Sprint
04.06.2021 Kibbutz Gan-Shmuel   גן-שמואל  Sprint
05.06.2021 Kibbutz Na’an נען  Sprint
12.06.2021 Relay  – location not yet determined שליחים Relay. Clubs Championship

Registration: To guarantee a start time, please register at least 1 week before the competition.

League competitions use sportIDENT (SI) electronic punches. Results are always posted at the venue, and are available online within hours after competition. Online post-event analyses include splits and LapCombat.

At the end of the league season, individual winners in every category are determined based on their best 8 results. In addition, champion clubs are declared based on a scoring system that combines the best results of each club’s members.