February Festival – O Training & Travel in Israel

Looking for someplace warm and new for orienteering training this winter?
The ISOA has an O-Tour itinerary ready and waiting for you!

  • 15 training sessions
    Experience a wide variety of terrain and landscapes and high-quality maps.
    You’ll be greeted by local orienteering organizers at each venue.
  • 2 days of competition at the Israel Open Championship
    Take part in the premiere event of the orienteering season in Israel, along with more than 400 competitors of all ages.
  • Touring opportunities almost daily throughout Israel
     Discover the real Israel behind the headlines!

Training session: 2 Euro per map
Competition: 10 Euro per event
Accommodations: 25-30 Euro per person/night, includes breakfast.
Transportation: You’re on your own. Call ISOA for help with car rental.

Click to learn more about training and travel in Israel
For inquiries and registration, contact Ziv at ISOA.
Phone: +972-4-6127714
Email: Israel O Touring/Training

Date Day Region  Itinerary – Venue Accomod.
19 Feb Sun North T1 – Beit Keshet North
T2 – Lavi
Kibbutz Tuval
20 Feb Mon North T3 – Ein Zeitim
T4 – Ein Zeitim North
Touring – Acre
Kibbutz Tuval
21 Feb Tues North T5 – Odem
T6 – Amuka
T7 – Tuval
Kibbutz Tuval
22 Feb Wed Center T8 – Caesaria
T9 – Samara
Touring – Tel Aviv
Kibbutz Tzora
23 Feb Thurs Center T10 – Beit Jamal
T11 – Sirigim
Kibbutz Tzora
24 Feb Fri Center Masuah – Israel Open
T12 – Gimzo
Touring – Jerusalem
Kibbutz Tzora
25 Feb Sat Center Tarom – Israel Open
Touring – Dead Sea
Kibbutz Tzora
26 Feb Sun South T13 – Park Eshkol
T14 – Beeri
T15 – Angels Forest
Kibbutz Tzora

Interested in an orienteering adventure in the desert?
Come to Israel a few days early, and take part in the annual Negev Desert Championship on February 17-18, 2012.