O-Travel & O-Training

Orienteering in Israel – it’s probably not what you expected.
It’s a whole lot more!

  • When it’s winter in Europe – December through March – it’s the best time of year for orienteering in Israel. Nature is in full blossom, the weather is warm and mostly sunny, and orienteering activities are in full swing.
  • Israel is a small country with a wide diversity of terrain and vegetation. You can orienteer in all sorts of places, all within easy driving distances.
  • The Israel orienteering community welcomes visitors from abroad. Just let us know you’re coming, and we’ll connect you with the locals and help you get to O-events.
  • You will be fascinated by the geographic, historical and cultural diversity of Israel. Discover both the ancient and the modern in Israel’s countryside and cities.
  • Israel is a tourist-friendly country. It’s easy to get around and prices are affordable.

Suggested Itineraries

When it comes to orienteering, Israel has four main regions – northern, central, Jerusalem foothills and southern. Each region has unique topography and vegetation, and each offers a wide range of opportunities for training, touring and fun.

Central Israel and Jerusalem Foothills

Recommended accommodations: Kibbutz Tzora
Training Areas within 2-20 minutes driving distance: Tel Tzora, Canada (Ayalon) Forest, Tel Azeka, Beit Jamal, Ben Shemen Forest, Haruvit Forest, Angels (Melachim) Forest, Netiv HaLamed Hey.
Leisure Activities: Visit Christian, Jewish and Moslem holy sites in Jerusalem, take a mud bath at the Dead Sea – the lowest place in the world. Wine, dine and dance in Tel Aviv – the city that never sleeps.

Southern Israel

Recommended accommodations: Kibbutz Ruhama or Kibbutz Dorot
Training Areas within 2-20 minutes driving distance: Ruhama Badlands, Be’eri, Gevaram, Lahav Forest, Eshkol National Park, Nizanim Dunes, Ashkelon National Park
Leisure Activities: Camel rides and Bedouin hospitality in the desert, swimming and lounging on a Mediterranean beach

Northern Israel

Recommended accommodations: Kibbutz Mizra, Kibbutz Tuval or Kibbutz Moran
Training Areas within 2-30 minutes driving distance: Moran, Amuka, Akbara, Ein Zeitim, Lavie Forest, Beit Keshet, Zippori, Alon HaGalil.
Leisure Activities: Go for a swim in the Sea of Galilee, take a raft ride on the Jordan River, hike the Jesus Trail.

Training & Travel Services

The Israel Orienteering Association offers professional services to both individual and groups who want to combine touring with training and competing during a visit to Israel.

We can arrange a travel package that best suits you. Our services include:

  • Orienteering professionals who will handle all your training requirements. This includes planning challenging courses, preparing the maps, hanging the controls – whatever is needed for your training clinic.
  • Registration for orienteering competitions.
  • Reservation of lodging, meals, car rentals – at reasonable prices.
  • Itineraries for tours or hikes according to your preferences. We can connect you with a professional tour guide or an ISOA member volunteer to accompany you.

Lodging at kibbutz guest rooms includes breakfast, and costs about 35-40 Euro per person per night, depending on the number of total rooms booked and the number of people per room. Dinners in the dining room can also be ordered at a cost of about 10 Euro.

The kibbutz guest rooms usually have a kitchenette that is equipped for meal preparation. Food in Israel costs about the same as in Europe. Locally grown, fresh fruits and vegetables are inexpensive and abundant.

Car rental costs about 30 Euro per day.

For more information about training and touring in Israel, contact the Israel Orienteering Association.
Phone: +972-4-6127714
Send email to: Israel O Touring/Training