Orienteering Events

Israel Orienteering League

The Orienteering League is a series of 12-14 competitions that take place between October through May. These events have hundreds of competitors, spanning all ages and categories, on numerous different courses.

League events are organized to the highest standard, with electronic sportIDENT punching and the newest maps.

Advance registration is required for league courses. Day-of-event registration is available for open (NC) courses.

Orienteering League Schedule

Orienteering Schedule

During the orienteering season, competitions are held every Saturday unless a league event is scheduled. Many local events also take place on Friday. Orienteering competitions are organized by local and regional clubs, but attract competitors from all over Israel. Events usually have about 150-200 competitors on three or four courses. These events use electronic punching.

Complete O Event Schedule

Family Activities

Non-competitive recreational courses are offered at all orienteering events. Beginner O-courses for youngsters are usually offered as well.

Event assembly areas often have picnic and recreational facilities for the enjoyment of family members and friends of competitors.


The annual Israel Orienteering Relay is part of the Orienteering League. Clubs go head-to-head with 3-member teams. The relay is a great opportunity for club members to compete as teams and enjoy club camaraderie.

Visitor teams of 3 are welcome to register in advance and participate in the relay.