Israel Open Championships 2020

 Lower Galilee – 21 & 22 February 2020


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Start times (Day 1 and Day 2) have been published: START TIMES
Note: Non-Israeli competitors names appear in English.

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Israel Orienteering invites you to come and enjoy great weather, challenging courses, and wonderful hospitality in 2020.

First place finishers in all categories will receive the official championship shirt, provided by sponsor OLAND, in addition to newly designed championship medals. Second and third place finishers will also receive prizes.

5 official championship shirts will be raffled among all competitors.


2020 Israel Open Championships Venues – Click to enlarge


Day 1 – BALFOUR FOREST – 21 Feb 2020

The event arena is at Kibbutz Ginegar.

Take Route 73 to Ginegar, and follow O signs.

WAZE Driving Instructions  (from mobile phone): 

Organizer: Technion Carmel O-club
Course Planner – Shachar Hershman
Course Supervisor – Erez Shalev
Event Director – Shai Ram

Map Info

Distance from Parking to Arena: Parking near arena

Distance from Arena to Start: 900 meters,  marked by streamers.  Uphill walk to start, to save climb on courses. Do not deviate from marked path to start.

Arena facilities: toilets, drinking water and grassy lawn

Finish: within Kibbutz Ginegar

Please be mindful that the arena and finish are located within the kibbutz village.

Day 1 – Course Planner’s Notes

The routes take into account this is the first of two days of competition and the terrain is steep. Competitors are advise to pay close attention to navigation and contours when choosing your routes.

About the Map

The Balfour Forest map has been mapped over the years, and recently updated for the championships. The area comprises several ridges from north to south. The western part of the map is wooded while the eastern part is more open. The forest has been thinned, and many trees have fallen down. There are many trails that may help navigation but are not necessarily good for route choices. Be aware of many unmapped tracks caused by off-road motorcycles.
Shin protectors are recommended.

Map scale: 1:7500 – for all courses/categories

DAY 1:
Controls Climb
H21A, H35A 7.4 26 280
D21A, H18A, H21B, H40 6.3 22 220
H50A, H55 4.3 17 135
D18A, D21B, D35, H21C, H35B, H45 4.4 16 160
D16A, D18B, H16A, H18B 4.3 16 160
D21C, D40, D45, D50, D55, D60 3.1 14 100
H50B, H60, H65, H70 3.3 14 110
D65, D70, D75, H75, H80, H85 2.4 11 75
H14A, H16B, D14A, D16B 3 14 95
H12, H14B, D12, D14B 1.4 8 50

D=Women | H= Men

Altitude gain: up to 5.3% (due to steepness of terrain)


Day 2 – BEIT KESHET – 22 Feb 2020

The event arena is at the Kaduri Agricultural School.

Take Route 65, to the Kaduri (Kadoorie) School, and follow O signs.

WAZE Driving Instructions  (from mobile phone): 

Parking is not allowed on the school premises. Use the parking lots around the Regional Council buildings. 

Organizer: Lev Hasharon Menashe O-club
Course Planner – Hagai Lederer
Course Supervisor – Giora Mitzafon
Event Director – Raviv Yogev

Map Info (links to old map). A new map has been prepared for the event.
Terrain is varied, a great mixture of semi-open land, patches of Mediterranean oak trees, and pine forests.
Longer courses will require climbing over one or two fences.

Distance from Parking to Arena: 100 – 500 meter

Distance from Arena to Start: 400 meters, marked by yellow streamers

Finish: in arena

Day 2 – Course Planner’s Notes

Map scale:
1:10000 for categories H21A, H35A
1:7500 for all other categories

DAY 1:
Controls Climb
H21A, H35A 7.1 23 250
D21A, H18A, H21B, H40 5.9 18 210
H50A, H55 4.7 17 170
D18A, D21B, D35, H21C, H35B, H45 4.9 16 160
D16A, D18B, H16A, H18B 4.7 15 150
D21C, D40, D45, D50, D55, D60 3.8 12 140
H50B, H60, H65, H70 3.7 14 140
D65, D70, D75, H75, H80, H85 2.9 13 90
H14A, H16B, D14A, D16B 2.7 10 80
H12, H14B, D12, D14B 1.8 8 60

D=Women | H= Men



Bonus O / Training – Ma’alul
(Link to info in Hebrew.  Use a translation tool.)

Map scale: 1:5000. Controls marked by small cardboard signs.

Maps can be obtained at upcoming O events and at the championships. Contact Ziv (

WAZE Driving Instructions  (from mobile phone): 


All competitors from abroad must register by submitting the
Registration form.
Registration deadline: 16 February 2020.

Categories and course distances

For all ages over 16, courses are technically challenging.

If you wish to run a shorter course (B or C level), send an email to IOA ( after submitting the registration form.

Open Courses
Recreational (family) course – Day 2 only.
On-site registration available, dependent upon weather conditions.

Start Times
Competition Day 1:  9:00 to 11:00
Competition Day 2:  9:00 to approx. 11:30.
Start lists will be published prior to events.

Some maps will cover new terrain in familiar areas. Other maps will be recent and revised, to give competitors the best possible orienteering experience.
Scale 1:7500/1:10,000. Contours 5 meter.

Punching System
All events will be organized using the SPORTident electronic punching system. Competitors who have SI cards can bring and use their own cards.

Every registered participant must sign a waiver. A parent or guardian must sign for each child under 18.

Health & Safety
IOA will provide first-aid at each competition site. Emergency care and major hospitals are within a 15-minute drive from all competition sites. IOA will not bear responsibility related to medical costs for participants.

Anywhere in central and northern Israel is a convenient location for getting to the events.

Inexpensive Accommodations in Israel
Israel Youth Hostel Association – Network of guesthouses and youth hostels throughout Israel.
Field Schools – Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI). Hostel accommodations throughout Israel
Israel Hostels (ILH) – Independent Travelers’ Accommodation
Abraham Hostels – Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Nazareth locations

O-Training and Travel in Israel
The IOA invites you to a new orienteering experience.
Come to Israel for a week of O-training and sightseeing, and compete at the Israel Open Championships.

There are many training maps in close proximity to the competition arenas. Israel is a small country, and nearly all O-maps in Israel are within a driving distance of no more than two hours.

Israel offers a plethora of historical and religious sites, beach resorts, archaeological tourism, heritage tourism and ecotourism. The capital Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world, and is a holy city to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Tel Aviv is a cosmopolitan, cultural and financial global city. It was ranked by National Geographic in 2010 as one of the world’s ten best beaches. Israel’s different cultures and religions, its diverse landscapes, the contrasts between cities, and the mixture of European and Middle Eastern culture all combine to give tourist a rich experience.