MCO 2015 Program

4th Mediterranean Championships in Orienteering – MCO
19-21 February 2015 – Israel


Thursday – 19 February
Morning: Model for Middle and Long –  Shimshit
Afternoon: Sprint Distance – Sarid
Opening Ceremony

Friday – 20 February
Long Distance – WRE  – Zippori (Day 1 of Israel Open)
COMOF Meeting – Mizra

Saturday – 21 February
Middle Distance – WRE – Timrat (Day 2 of Israel Open)
MCO and Open Awards  and Closing Ceremony



The MCO will be held in conjunction with the 2015 Israel Open Championships. The courses for the Junior and Elite classes will be the same for both the MCO and the Open event. Thus, competitors running MCO for their National Teams will also be competing for overall standing in the Open event.

The overall standing in the Israel Open will be determined by the sum of the results in the Long and Middle Distance races. The Sprint Distance will not be a part of the Open event. However, the organizers will allow athletes to run the Sprint Distance after the MCO competitors have completed the race.

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