MCO 2015 Maps and Terrain

4th Mediterranean Championships in Orienteering – MCO
19-21 February 2015 – Israel

Model Eventmap_sample_shimshit Map: Shimshit (2013)
Scale: 1:10000, 5m contours.
Map maker: Dan Chissick
Description: A long, mostly steep ridge, covered in a mix of natural oak woods and planted pine/fir forests in various stages of growth, with a moderate path network. Scattered rock features and some man-made ruins.
Sprint Distance
Map: Kibbutz Sarid (new map for MCO)
Scale 1:4000, 2.5m contours.
Map maker: Uzi Schweitzer
Description: A typical Israeli communal settlement (kibbutz), including residential, agricultural and industrial buildings.
Typical kibbutz map sample (not Sarid)
Long Distance
Map: Zippori (2013)
Scale: 1:15000 – MCO Senior/Junior Men, Senior Women. 1:10000 – MCO Junior Women. 5m contours
Map maker: Petr Matula, Zdenek Lenhart, Evzen Cigos
Description: Mixed natural oaks and planted pine/fir forests with a dense path network, on a moderately hilly area. Some semi-open areas. Some areas with numerous rock features and some main-made ruins.
Middle Distance
Map: Timrat (new map for MCO)
Scale: 1:7500, 5m contours.
Map make: Uzi Schweitzer, Ziv Noiman
Description: Semi open areas, with some undergrowth and bushes. Moderate density of contour details and some areas with numerous rock features.


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