Mountain Bike Orienteering

MTBO has a small yet devoted group of enthusiasts in Israel. We invite you to participate in upcoming events.  (Links open to pages in Hebrew. Use a web translator.)

10.09.2022 Ramat Yishay
22.10.2022 Eytan Forest
04.11.2022 Emek Yizrael
03.12.2022 Karmei Yosef
21.04.2023 Central Hefer  – Israel Championships. Day 1
22.04.2023 Lachish – Israel Championships. Day 2
29.04.2023 Yarkon Park Tel Aviv

Registration: We recommend registering at least 3 days in advance for MTBO national events. Note that foot orienteering courses are usually available at the same event/venue.

For more information, and to register, send email to: Israel MTBO Info/Registration. Let us know if you want to rent a bike and equipment. We can connect you to a supplier.

Israel proudly and successfully hosted the 2009 MTBO World Championship.