Rogaine – Spring 2019 – Ben Shemen

Saturday — M̶a̶r̶c̶h̶ ̶1̶6̶,̶ ̶2̶0̶1̶9̶ – Ben Shemen

Due to heavy rainstorms, the ROGAINE WAS postponed to
April 4, 2019

The organizers have made this decision to ensure both the safety and enjoyment of competitors.

All registrations remain valid. To cancel your registration or make changes in your team, contact the ISOA office by email:

אתר רוגיין 2019 בעברית

8-hour and 4-hour events for runners/hikers
6-hour event for mountain bikers

Rogaine Israel 2019 will take place in the Ben Shemen Forest. Map covers an area of 55 square kilometers.
Map scale: 1:20,000 with 5 meter contours.

Ben Shemen Forest, situated midway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, is the largest green space in central Israel, with 22,000 dunams of forested areas, hiking routes, bicycle paths and picnic areas. The scenic roads and trails in the forest are marked and feature landscapes and historical sites. The forest has many recreation areas, vista points, beauty spots, archaeological sites. In winter and spring the forest is covered with wildflowers.   Learn more about the Ben Shemen Forest.

What is Rogaining?

Rogaining (Rugged Outdoor Group Adventure Involving Navigation and Endurance)  is the sport of long distance cross-country navigation, in which teams of two to five people visit as many checkpoints (“controls”) as possible within a set time period. The checkpoints are marked on a map given to competitors shortly before the start. Checkpoints have different point values, and can be visited in any order, so strategy and route selection are key elements to achieving the highest point score. Teamwork, endurance, competition and an appreciation for the natural environment are features of the sport. Traditional and championship rogaines are 24 hours in duration, but shorter rogaines are common. Learn more about rogaining.

Who Can Participate?

Rogaining is a team activity for people of all ages and levels of fitness. Rogaining appeals to all types of outdoor sports enthusiasts – from recreational hikers and bikers, to elite level orienteers, runners, mountain-bikers, and ultra-athletes. Your challenge and success come from your ability to read the map, to plan a route through as many checkpoints as possible, and to navigate your course within the time limit. New rogainers are always welcome and organizers are more than happy to help you get started.


Event Site – Map Area – 2019 ROGAINE

The map boundaries will be similar to those of the 2009 ROGAINE Ben Shemen map:
Ben Shemen Rogaine map (for reference only)

Rogaine Israel 2019 – Prize Categories
Age is determined by the difference (in years) between 2019 and competitor’s year of birth.

  • Open: Men only age 16-49
  • Mixed Open: Men age 16-49 and at least one woman age 16-44
  • Men Age [Youth/Masters]:  Men only, and at least one man age 12-15 or 50+
  • Mixed Age [Youth/Masters, Mixed]: At least one woman. At least one man age 50+ or one woman age 45+ or 12-15

Every team must have a competitor at least 16 years old.

In addition, the following age restrictions apply to categories:

  • Foot 4 hours – Age 12 and older
  • Foot 8 hours – Age 16-60
  • Bike 6 hours – Age 16-60
  • Ages 12-15 allowed in 4-hour events only.
Start Times

Mass start for each event.

Event Map Handout Start Time Limit OT-DSQ
8 hours – Foot 6:30 7:30 15:30 16:00
6 hours – MTBO 8:00 9:00 15:00 15:30
5 hours – Foot 9:30 10:30 14:30 15:00
Finish Time

All Rogaine competitors must arrive at finish line by the Time Limit hour specified for the event. Rogaine competitors will have penalty points deducted from scores due to late arrival at finish. Arrival after Overtime hour (OT) will result in disqualification.


Award ceremony at 15:45 for all events.

Gear Provided by Organizers

Every competitor will receive a map prepared especially for the event.
Map will have a scale of 1:20,000 with 5 meter contours.
Every team member must use a SPORTident (SI) electronic timing chip, as used by competitors at Israel Sport Orienteering Association events. The organizers will loan a chip to anyone in need of one.
Water points will be marked on the map.

Required Gear
  • Every team must carry 2 mobile phones, well charged at the start, whose number has been registered with the event organizers.
  • Every competitor in all events must be carrying at least 2.0 liter of water at the start of the event. Locations where drinking water is available will be marked on the map.
  • Every competitor in the bike event must wear a helmet.
Recommended Gear

Compass, food, long pants, extra pair of socks, first-aid kit, small pack for carrying gear.

Forbidden Equipment
  • The use of maps other than those expressly sanctioned by the organizers is prohibited.
  • The only navigational aids that may be carried on the course are magnetic compasses, watches and copies of the competition map.
  • Upon receipt of the rogaine map from the organizers, competitors are prohibited from using any other navigational aids, including other maps, aerial photographs, pedometers, altimeters, GPS devices with map-display capabilities, and smartphone applications.
  • Computers may NOT be used by competitors for planning their strategy.
  • During the competition, competitors may use only the food and equipment which they have carried from the start, or have left at the assembly area for later retrieval. No provisions may be cached in advance of the event. Only water may be refilled at any of the water stations spread throughout the rogaine area.

Approximately 30 checkpoints will be spread across the rogaine area.

Checkpoints are marked by orange and white flags (orienteering control markers). Every checkpoint has an electronic timing device with a unique code. Each checkpoint has a numeric code, which is also its point value. This number appears on the map and on the checkpoint itself. Each checkpoint in the field is also marked by a streamer (flagging tape) labeled with the checkpoint number. Typically the streamer will be visible from a distance while the checkpoint control flag will be slightly hidden (behind a bush or tree) to reduce the chance of theft.


Each team’s score is determined by the total value of the checkpoints visited. Points are deducted for being overtime, according to a rate per minute or part thereof. Teams finishing more than thirty minutes late will be considered overtime, and therefore disqualified.


The rules for the event are based on the international rogaining rules. In case of discrepancies between those rules and those defined by the organizers of Israel Rogaine  2019, the rules for this event will be the operative ones.


Respect and Good Manners
  • Do not enter areas marked as private or surrounded by high fences. Cross through residential areas only on trails and roads marked on the map.
  • Do not enter buildings, greenhouses and barns.
  • Do not cross agricultural fields, except where trails are marked on the map. It is permissible to walk/ride along the edge or fields, provided no damage is done to crops.
  • Do not cause any damage to agricultural equipment.
  • Do not ride through orchards and vineyards, but only around them.
  • After opening any gate, you must close it. Avoid causing any damage to fences.
  • Do no harm to natural or historical sites – flora and fauna, geological formations, ruins.
Assembly Area – Driving Instructions

Assembly area is in the Mexico Park (campground) in the Ben Shemen Forest (“Kehilot campgrounds”). There are picnic tables, water faucet and WC facilities at the site.

From Route 443 turn south to Route 4313 (towards Kfar Daniel / Gimzo). After 300 m, turn left into forest and continue to assembly area.

Transportation Assistance to Foreign Competitors

There is no bus service in Israel on the weekends (Friday afternoon until Saturday evening), so you will not be able to get to/from the event by public transportation. You might consider renting a car.
You can post a notice on the ISOA forum and/or on the Rogaining in Israel Facebook page (in any language).
Local orienteers are always happy to help in transportation, and it is very likely that someone will offer you a ride.

Need a Teammate?

If you would like to participate but don’t have a partner, post to the Rogaining in Israel Facebook page (in any language). Specify your level of fitness, the category you want to compete in, your ambition (e.g., just for fun, aiming for the podium), and your name and contact details of course.

Entry Fees and Registration

Early Registration by 28.2.2019 – EXTENDED until end of February!
IOA members: 50 NIS
Non-members: 70 NIS

Late Registration – closes on 11.3.2019 at 20:00
IOA members: 70 NIS
Non-members: 100 NIS

Registration from Outside Israel

Competitors from outside Israel should use the ROGAINE 2019 REGISTRATION  form in English.
Payment can be made in cash, in local currency, when you sign in at the event.