Israel Open Championship 2013

*** Israel Open 2013 Results ***

Friday-Saturday, 22-23 February 2013

Two venues offering two very different types of terrain.
Each day will require a different style of orienteering.

Competition Day 1  (Friday, 22 February) – Maagarey Menashe, coastal sand dunes, near Caesaria

Competition Day 2  (Saturday, 23 February) – Beriya Forest, Naftali mountains, near Hazor Haglilit

Venues – Getting There
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Day 1 – see also Google map

Day 2 – see also Google map

Competition Courses & Categories
Recreational (on Day 2 only)
Shorty (1.5-2 km)  Boys/Girls
Short (3-4 km) – F13, M13
Short+  Women (3.5 km) – F15, F21C, F40, F45, F50, F55, F60,
Short+ B Women (2.5-3 km) – F65, F75
Short+  Men (3.5 km) – M55, M60, M65, M70, M75, M80
Medium A (5-6 km) – F21B, F35, M45, M50
Medium B (5-6 km) – M15, M21C, M35B
Medium+ (6-7 km) – F21A, M17, M21B, M40
Long (7-9 km) – M21A, M35

Start Times
Competition Day 1: (22 February) 9:00 to 11:00
Competition Day 2: (23 February) 9:00 to approx. 11:30.
Start lists will be published several days prior to event.

Day 1 competition will use an updated map, while Day 2 will be on a new map.
Scale 1:10,000. Contours 5 meter.

Check out these existing maps from nearby areas to get an idea of the terrain:
(1) Maagarey Menashe South
(1) Hadera Swamps
(1) Hadera River Park
(2) Akbara
(2) Ein Zeitim (North)
(2) Biriya

50 NIS per event, includes EMIT card rental
To guarantee your start time and use of an electronic punch, you must register no later than 1 week prior to the event. Early registration ends 15.2.2013
Online registration is not available in English.
To register, contact Ziv Noiman at: ISOA Info/Registration
For each participant, please provide the following information:

  • First name, last name
  • Male/female
  • Year of birth
  • Country
  • Club
  • Your EMIT card number OR request to rent
  • Email address or other contact information

Every registered participant must sign a waiver. A parent or guardian must sign for each child under 18.

Health & Safety
ISOA will provide first-aid at each competition site. Emergency care and major hospitals are within a 15-minute drive from all competition sites. ISOA will not bear responsibility related to medical costs for participants.

Places to stay near the championship venues:
Karei Deshe Guest House  (Israel Youth Hostel Association)
Kibbutz Tuval Country Lodging
Pina Ba’emek Country Lodging at Kibbutz Mizra (event center for EYOC 2013 in Israel)

Inexpensive Accommodations in Israel
Overnight Campgrounds – Israel Nature and Parks Authority
Note: most overnight campgrounds are available for large groups only, by reservation.
Israel Youth Hostel Association
Network of guesthouses and youth hostels throughout Israel.
Field Schools – Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI).
Hostel accommodations throughout Israel
Israel Hostels (ILH) – Independent Travelers’ Accommodation

O-Training and Travel in Israel
The ISOA invites you to a new orienteering experience.
Come to Israel for a week of O-training and sightseeing, and compete at the Israel Open Championships.

Typical terrain – coastal sand dunes – Maagarei Menashe and 
northern hills and pine forests – Beriya Forest