O Training & Travel in Israel Itineraries

Orienteering in Israel – it’s probably not what you expected. It’s a whole lot more!

For the benefit of orienteering visitors to Israel during the 2018-2019 season, Training Controls will be set out for independent training, if there is sufficient demand and requests are received in a timely manner.

Contact Israel Orienteering to coordinate your plans and obtain maps. Send an email to: Israel O Touring/Training.

Southern Israel / Jerusalem

Training Controls: Ruhama Badlands, Sataf Forest, Britannia Park (Serigim Forest).  Wohl Rose Park – Jerusalem (sprint).

Additional Training Areas:  Tel Azeka, Beit Jamal, Haruvit Forest, Angels (Melachim) Forest.

Leisure Activities: Visit Christian, Jewish and Moslem holy sites in Jerusalem. Mud baths and bathing at the Dead Sea – the lowest place in the world. Camel rides and Bedouin hospitality in the desert.

Central Israel / Tel Aviv

Training Controls: Ben Shemen Forest, Tel Hadid Forest, Karmei Yosef Forest. Old Jaffa (sprint).

Additional Training Areas: Ayalon-Canada Park Forest, Shoham Park Forest

Leisure Activities: Wine, dine and dance in Tel Aviv – the city that never sleeps. Swimming and sunning on a Mediterranean beach.

Central Israel / Haifa-Jezreel Valley

Training Controls: Ramat Hanadiv, Heftsiba Hadera, Zippori Forest. Shimshit (sprint).

Additional Training Areas: Alon Hagalil Forest. 

Leisure Activities: Bahai Gardens in Haifa. Caesaria National Park.  

Andris Jubelis of Estonia at 2013 Israel Orienteering Championships
Andris Jubelis of Latvia in Israel

Northern Israel / Nazareth-Galilee

Training Controls: Menahemia, Honi haM’agel Forest, Tal-El Forest. Safed (sprint).

Additional Training Areas: Amuka Forest, Akbara, Ein Zeitim, Lavie Forest. 

Leisure Activities: Swimming in the Sea of Galilee. Rafting on the Jordan River.  Hiking the Jesus Trail.