Israel Orienteering Association Executive Board

Feel free to contact any member of our executive committee in the language easiest for you.

President: Asaf Hefetz

Chairman:  Eytan Amiaz (English)

Treasurer/Technology: Yoram Shechori (English)

Training and School-O: Ofer Avital

National Teams: Zef Segal (German, English)

Social Media and English Website: Lisa Mishli (English)

CeremoniesRoni De Kosta

Women: Yael Segal (Chinese, English)

Children and Recreational-OAnat Meir (English)

New MembersRan Shaviv

MTBO: Erez Shalev (English)

Control Committee:
Oded Levin, Chairman
Ami Gancharsky

Disciplinary Committee:
Oded Verbin
Eli Sarageh
Uzi Schweitzer